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With offices in both Australia & Vietnam since 1994, Griswald's are a travel and tour operator specialising in tailor made tours, travel, vacation & holiday packages to Vietnam for singles, couples, families and small groups. We provide a quality alternative for those who want a more personal experience from their time in Vietnam. 

If you're after something a bit different, with more flexibility than the usual group tours, no fixed departure dates (meaning you can go whenever you want) & at a reasonable price, then we might be just what you're looking for. 

Choose the accommodation style you'd like, the destinations inside Vietnam that you'd prefer & for approximately the same price as one of our competitors group tours, Griswald's will tailor make a tour that's just right for you & at a price you'll be surprised with too.  With Griswald's , your Full Price & Exactly what's included, will be clearly set out from the start

Please click HERE to see our latest 2015 prices. There's some good news too & please spend some time on the various inclusions because that's really what makes the difference between a tour & a great one !!!

 * NEW  To see more about the tours we operate, please have a look at our Channel.

We've got lots of short movies about the actual hotels you'll be staying in as well as other interesting & relevant stuff too. 

Our films are all short & a bit rough (we know) but they're more honest than those heavily produced &/or photo shopped stuff that we're all a bit tired of

Join us for a short video trip from Ha Noi all the way to HCM City & be sure to check our Hoi An Flics too.

Fighting your way through the Tailor Shop maze can be a bit of a night mare & this will definitely help !

Griswald's have enjoyed lots of great reviews in various publications around the world.  In Australia, the UK, the USA, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong etc & in publications like the Sydney Morning Herald, the New York Times, the Boston Globe & with Singapore Airlines to name just a few.

* NEW * Just recently the very popular, BBC - Fast Track's team, popped in whilst in Ha Noi.  Rajan Datar, Mike London & the crew were so kind & we wish to thank them again, very much. They were doing a show on Viet Nam & it's really good, like so many BBC shows are. Fast Track (click) Viet Nam Direct & it's well worth a look.

Our REAL Kangaroo Café in Ha Noi made it into the International Cow 50 of the most amazing burger joints in the world list & our Ha Long Bay Tour has been featured in 2 travel shows as well.

In Nov 2008 we were featured in the well known, UK based, Rough Guide to Far Eastern Adventures which features the very likeable, funny & popular Toby Amies A few years ago we were featured in a local Aussie travel show with a former home Handi Man show bloke called Great Train Adventures.

Toby & the Rough Guide crew were just great to work with.  Unlike some in the film industry, they were honest, decent, funny & were really kind to us, our staff & everyone we met along the way & we wish to thank them again most sincerely.

Vietnam has everything from it's remote mountain hill tribe areas to it's amazing 3000 Km beach.  Vietnam is ideal if you're looking for a safe, affordable, beautiful & unforgettable place to take yourself or your partner for your next vacation.

Viet Nam is especially Kid Friendly too, so Mum & Dad can enjoy a holiday while the kids enjoy the genuine care, attention & child safety that Vietnam is famous for.

We're constantly Up-Dating our pages with lots of new pics as well as plenty of current, 1st hand information about a holiday in Vietnam for those planning to visit.

On our Griswald's page you'll find out much more about us:  what we do, how we do it, why we do it & other stuff about us that we'd like you to know. 

Our Vietnam Travel page is the page where you'll find our travel related information.

Also, please have a gander at our Testimonials page where you'll find all kinds of nice comments from people who have travelled with us.  One of our all time favourites is from a great Aussie couple (Paul & Frances) who nearly didn't make it to Viet Nam at all.  We're very grateful for their very kind comments & please click here to see what they had to say about their trip with us.  These days with all self  promotion & often paid for but so called independent reviews (???) on the various travel forums  it's not easy to work out just who's who in the zoo !

Over the last 18 or so years we've had literally thousands of people choose us to go with for their trip to Vietnam. Time & again our customers & some for their 2nd & 3rd trip have said they chose us because they wanted to go with the tour operator & not just another ticket seller.  

Please take a look through our website and afterwards we think you'll agree,

We're not like everybody else !


You may also want to read what others are saying about our Vietnam Holiday & Vacation packages in The Rough Guide & Things Asian, and now you can even see us on You Tube.

Our Happy Campers page even has photos and stories of a more personal nature.  For more photos of Vietnam checkout the Gallery - it's full of visual delights ! 

Our Vietnam Tours page also has lots of new info and pics, including a few city Maps, to peruse.

Don't forget to have a look at our Ha Long Bay tour page & we've got a big surprise for those headed up to
Sa Pa too but you'll have to click on the Sa Pa link to find out what it is !!!

If your wondering about the kind of accommodation we provide, then have a look at our Hotels page, and for transport info there's our Planes, Trains & Automobiles pages. 

Last but not least, for all those burning travel questions you want current & straight answers to, have a look at our Vietnam Travel and Vietnam Links pages.

We've tried to make our site as open, informative and, of course, entertaining as possible .

You'll find all kinds of interesting and important stuff on our site.


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When in Ha Noi don't forget to hop over to the REAL Kangaroo Café . You'll find great Vietnamese, vegetarian & western food (at local prices), the coldest beer in Viet Nam as well as the latest information for travellers.  Find out what to buy, where to buy it & better still, what the fair price for it really is. 

Our Air Conditioned Café at 18 Bao Khanh St is a great place to stop off & the girls are always keen to help with all your questions.

While you're in the cafe pick up a Free local map & the important - Free Stubby Holder too !!!    


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Contact Details

The best way to receive more information about us &/or our tours, is to E-mail us.

Our Email address is:  

Griswald's Vietnamese Vacations

P.O. Box 501, Leichhardt N.S.W. 2040 Australia

& our REAL Kangaroo Café

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18 Bao Khanh St, Hanoi

To chat, person to person (it only costs a Dollar or 2) please phone us direct.

Our Office Number in Viet Nam - +844 382 899 31

Our Mobile Number in Viet Nam - +84 913 506 183

Australian Company Registration Number: 107 709 384 

Aust Govt Travel Agents Licence Number (your international protection): 2TA5568

Doing business with companies over the internet still makes some people, understandably, nervous. Australian Travel Agents, like us, are licensed by the NSW Government Dept of Fair Trading & all our bona fides are available online through the Department's web site.

Only REAL Travel Agents can offer you this security & protection.


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